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Community Theater

As a community theater we are a mixture of different people at different stages of life who have come together to help bring theater into the community.  We are a small group of volunteers who love to come together to create shows big and small.  If you ever had an interest in the theater and want to contribute in some way here is a small list of jobs that we are looking for volunteers for.  We are always looking for support.

Assistant Director

A person looking to gain experience in directing. Must be  able to help the director to communicate vision of the play to the actors and able to step up if a director can't make it to rehearsal. 

House Manager
Steel Magnolias

A person with previous experience in directing.   Must be able to commmunicate the idea of the play to the actors, knows how to help actors with characterization, understands the way of blocking, set design, costume periods and lighting and creates a welcoming atmosphere for all to work in

Christmas Shows

A person who can move different sets and stage hand props, able to work with limited lighting. Able to accept direction from stage manager and director.

Stage Crew
Dark and Stormy
Diam M for Murder

 A person who can come one hour before performance to check that the audience seats are straight and floor clean.  Able to welcome the audience members to their seats. After show checks to make sure programs left behind are picked up.

Stage Manager

A person who works with the director to make the show happen.  Is able to make sure the show runs smoothly by creating a smooth transition from scene to scene, making sure the actors are quiet backstage and on stage at the right time.  On head set to talk to lighting and sounds.  Directs stage crew and runners able to delegate and make quick choices because stage manger is in control once the lights come up. If interested this person could also be trained.

Lighting & Sound Technician

 A person who has knowledge in lighting and sound design.  Should also have knowledge of running equipment.  If interested this person could also be trained. 


Develop marketing strategies, coordinate, review and distribute materials for publicity, signage, brochures, calendar listings and posters.


Anyone interested in being on stage, no experience necessary, willing to learn and grow and have fun!